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Farnborough International Airshow 2018   Copyright Mary B. Lyons 2018

     I've enjoyed attending the biennial Farnborough International Airshow since 1998 in the role of freelance writer and photographer, usually commissioned by a high end glossy magazine.  Being commissioned is wonderful because that gets me a media pass, allowing me to go into the show from some days before it starts until after it's finished.

     Things have come on a long way from when the Media Centre was a tent next to the road.  Over the years it was upgraded to a sturdy, temporary structure yielding a first floor complex of seminar rooms, a relaxation and cafeteria area, a computer room, toilets and a storage area for our equipment. This was all above Hall 1 and included a viewing balcony.

     This year, however, was a wonderful surprise!  Completely and permanently re-built, Hall 1 and the facilities adjacent to it and above it, awaited.  Our Media Centre, upstairs as before, sported air conditioning, two lovely relaxation and work areas, a free tea and coffee bar, a computer room, lush toilets, disabled facilities, sound insulation, panoramic windows, floor sockets for our electronic equipment, and a private lift to get us up there, if required.

     The icing on the cake was reached by another staircase or the the lift and took us up onto the stunning viewing roof.  With green carpet, tables, chairs and sun umbrellas it provided us with an uninterrupted view of the site and flying area. Best of all, it was for our exclusive use.  Gone were the unauthorised people who came up and got in the way of our photography or talked over our videos. Security was good and you didn't get up into the Media Centre without the proper pass.

     Weather-wise it was a great week, a little too hot for me but I drank plenty of water and dressed appropriately.  It's quite a slog as there's a lot to see, not only outside with the static displays but also inside the halls.  Then there's the afternoon flying display, presentations to attend and the traditional gatherings in the Media Centre of other photographer and journalists.  It's always a delight to meet up with them again every two years and we have great times with banter and fun as well as swapping technical tips.

     I carry a lot of equipment, what with cameras and the rest, but I was disappointed to find that after nine days of traipsing about, including the stairs, I hadn't lost a single pound in weight. I had put on some muscles though! I prided myself on not using the lift once.

    If you're a fan of the Farnborough International Airshow, watch my News and Blog as I continue with details of life behind the scenes as a photographer and journalist.



Part of the rooftop viewing area on top of the Media Centre at

Farnborough International Airshow 2018.

Copyright Mary B. Lyons 2018